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Keep your air duct in perfect condition. Follow these tips for more information!

Home duct cleaning is pretty challenging. Keep it simple by reading our tips and easy guides.

  • Clean permanent HVAC air filters every 6 months at least

    Take out the filter carefully and rinse it or vacuum it following the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not use chemical cleaners unless required.

  • Invest in a Dehumidifier

    One of the air quality control devices available in the market is the air dehumidifier. Lowering the humidity indoors will help avoid the growth of molds and bacteria because they thrive in wet and warm environments. Mold growth is one of the worst things that could happen to an air duct.

  • Protect your employees' health

    The productivity of your employees will depend on many factors and primarily on the good conditions at the office. Filthy air ducts will deliver contaminated air in the confined offices, which are not usually aired by open windows. There will be consequences to the workers' health and, thus, their work. So, air duct cleaning is a must.

  • How to check air ducts

    Most air ducts are very long and you cannot check them well and thoroughly unless you have full access to all the parts. Though, you can still use a flashlight to check whether there is dirt or mold stuck to the parts behind the vent cover.

  • Check the dryer vents often

    If the clothes come out damp or smell bad, you must suspect dryer problems. When the dryer vents are filled with lint, they might start a fire. The experts of our air duct company in Studio City suggest cleaning a dryer vent as often as possible.

  • How vacuums can clean your ducts

    A vacuum cleaner has a number of applications that can surprise many. One such application is how it can clean air ducts. Attaching a soft brush on the vacuum hose while being held together with duct tape allows you to clean deeper into your duct by granting you an extended and flexible cleaning range. It is an effective and cost-efficient way of cleaning your air ducts.

  • Why air duct cleaning is important

    The main purpose of an air duct is to filter out the dirt and allow clean air to flow into your home. However, air ducts can only filter out so much before they get clogged up by the same dirt it removed. It will also eventually become the home of mold and vermin, worsening its condition. Experts at Air Duct Cleaning Studio City recommend cleaning your air ducts as soon as possible.

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