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Why Air Duct Replacement is Vital

03/17/2014 Back To Blog

Why Air Duct Replacement is VitalDucts are the means for air to be transferred in and out of the ventilating, exhaust and HVAC systems of your property. The air must be free of hazard particles for your safety, including mold, dust and other microorganisms. Otherwise, you might be experiencing serious problems with your health and you'll keep dusting your furniture without results. The solution to all this is simply air duct cleaning. Nonetheless, what happens when ducts cannot be cleaned perfectly well or when they are damaged?

Effects of Faulty Ductwork

Regardless if you performed a complete ductwork cleaning or not, if your ducts are faulty you will lose energy from the little cracks. When you turn on the air-conditioner, you won't have the expected temperatures and the exhaust system won't work at its best either. In order to resolve this issue, you will have to opt for air duct replacement. Don't forget that ducts are not replaced often and the old ones that you might currently have were probably made from out-dated materials and according to old-fashion specifications and standards.

Air Duct Materials Available

Nowadays, there are many air duct materials to choose from. Ranging from polyurethane and fabric to fiberglass and flexible materials, ducts can be made of different kinds of panels, which are usually insulated. Additionally, with regards to air duct repair, instead of using plain duct tapes to mend the broken areas, adhesive, fire resistant tapes are used for enhanced sealing. This way, the ducts will be joined together more effectively, you will enjoy better temperatures and indoor air and won't spend a fortune on energy bills.

Air Quality Testing

Of course, air duct maintenance will still have to be performed every once in a while, but the service will be easier and you won't be faced with as many problems as before. The final step to air duct replacement and repair is air quality testing. This measure will ensure that indeed no dust, debris and harmful pathogens remained in the air you are breathing following the ductwork service. Once the air quality is confirmed to be good, you can finally sit back and relax.

Fix Up Your Ducts

Air duct repair and replacement is necessary sometimes if you want to ensure the safety and health of your home and family. Our expert technicians from Air Duct Cleaning Studio City are well-equipped and will provide you with the best quality material and service you could ever ask for!

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