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Why Air Duct Replacement is Vital

03/17/2014 Back To Blog

Why Air Duct Replacement is VitalDucts are the means for air to be transferred in and out of the ventilating, exhaust and HVAC systems of your property. The air must be free of hazard particles for your health including mold, dust and microorganisms. In any other case, you will have serious problems with your health, won't be able to work well in the office, sleep at home and you'll keep dusting your furniture without results. In such cases, air duct cleaning is recommended and it's usually the best way to avoid the above consequences of dirty ducts. Though, what happens when ducts cannot be cleaned perfectly well or when they are damaged?

In this case, you won't notice significant differences in the indoor air and you will lose energy from the little cracks. When you turn on the air-conditioner, you won't have the expected temperatures and the exhaust system won't work at its best either. Consequently, air duct replacement will be required. Don't forget that ducts are not replaced often and old ones were made of completely different materials and in accordance with old-fashioned specifications.

The importance of duct materials

Today, there are multiple options in duct materials. Ranging from polyurethane and fabric to fiberglass and flexible materials, ducts can be made of different kinds of panels, which are usually insulated. Instead of using plain duct tapes to seal them, adhesive, fire resistant tapes are used for enhanced sealing. Hence, ducts will be joined together better and you won't be needing air duct seal repair anymore. You will enjoy better temperatures, won't spend a fortune on energy bills and the indoor air will be cleaner.

Of course, air duct maintenance will still be important once in a while but the service will be easier and you won't be faced with problems as before. Broken, non-insulated and unsealed ducts will create several problems including mold growth. The little gaps will allow increase of humidity and this nasty musty odor will be transferred to your place. For these reasons, replacing the ducts is vital. Air quality testing before and after replacement will be indicative of the difference.

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