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DIY Cleaning Tips for Your Air Ducts

02/13/2017 Back To Blog

Think of the HVAC as the lungs of your home - the central respiratory system. Keeping a clean and smoothly operating air duct system is essential, especially for a home with pets and/or for a household that is prone to allergies.

Air duct cleaning can take a sizeable chunk of money, and that is why it is always good to plan ahead on the time and date that you want to get your air ducts cleaned. If you just got your air ducts cleaned and you’d like to keep them well maintained for as long as possible, here are some simple ways to help you with that:Diy cleaning tips for air ducts

Tip 1: Change your Filters

One of the simplest ways to keep your air ducts well maintained is to change your air filters. Experts from Air Duct Cleaning Studio City recommend doing this on a regular basis, once every three months to ensure that there will be no dust, debris or pathogens stuck to your filter. Otherwise, even if this time period has not yet passed but you do notice that your filter is dirty, don't wait - change it! Lastly, fur and pet hair is one of the biggest enemies of your HVAC system and thus if you do have furry friends living with you, it is recommended to change your filters about every 2 months.

Tip 2: Spray Tea Tree Oil on Mold

This solution is very handy for molds forming not only in your air duct but anywhere in your house. In a spray bottle, mix 3 drops of tea tree essential oil with 2 cups of distilled water. Shake well and spray on mold and inside your air ducts. This will not only destroy the mold, but it will also prevent it from re-appearing. It is highly recommended to do this on a regular basis to keep your air ducts properly sanitized at all times. 

Tip 3: Vacuuming on Your Own

Whenever you are planning to deep clean your home for spring cleaning or in preparation for the winter, make sure you get the vacuum out and use it on your air ducts. Vacuum the air vents that you can access by unscrewing them, inserting the vacuum pipe in and getting rid of all dust, debris and everything else you are able to get a hold of. Don't forget to switch off your HVAC system before doing this.

Tip 4: Wipe Your Air Vents

Your regular house cleaning tasks can also include wiping the air vents or using a small brush to go in between the vents to clear out any dust, residue and debris that collect on the surface. This way, you will prevent harmful particles from falling in even further, saving you the hassle of vacuuming regularly.

Or Just Leave it to the Experts

Opting for DIY measures to clean your ductwork is better than not doing anything at all. Nonetheless, even if they can help with getting rid of some unwelcomed particles in your air, they will not make them disappear for good. That is why you can count on our team from Air Duct Cleaning Studio City to do a great job in making your air ducts feel like new!


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