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The advantages of PVC materials

All your queries about dryer vent cleaning are answered here. The FAQ page for all! You can also learn more about the right size and types of ducts and the advantages of PVC materials. Find out about the pros of duct cleaning to your health.

  • How effective is air duct coating?

    The purpose of the coating is to prevent the growth of microorganisms like mold inside the ductwork. In order to work, it has to be safe for the ducts and for people and resistant to damage and wearing. The coating will provide reliable protection when the ducts are in good condition. They have to be properly sealed and insulated, if needed.

  • Does the temperature affect the cleanliness of the air ducts?

    Temperature may play a role in air duct cleanliness. For one, molds thrive in warm and moist environments. The perfect conditions for them would be in humid and warm environments. If the thermostat is set to the warmer temperatures and it’s a humid day, small dirt particles can contribute to mold growth.

  • Why does air duct dirt affect our health?

    Air ducts cannot be cleaned easily and get very dirty. In the meantime, dirt is mixed with insects, particles and mold and it's this mixture that contaminates the air transferred through the ducts. Your room will eventually be filled with contaminants and that's why air duct cleaning is vital according to our specialists in Studio City.

  • What are the advantages of using PVC air conditioning ductwork?

    PVC air ducts are less commonly used because of the relatively high cost. However, they offer a considerable number of advantages. First, they are more versatile and flexible to be used in various settings. They can be used in concrete slabs. They can also withstand damages caused by chemical vapors. They do not rust. Additionally, PVC air ducts have better insulating capacity. They no longer need additional insulation to maintain the temperature of the air flowing through them.

  • Should I use rounded or sided air ducts?

    More often than not, rounded air ducts are more efficient in facilitating air flow compared to those with sides and corners. Also, rounded corners tend to be less prone to damages. They don't get easily bent or punctured compared to those that have edges. Additionally, metal ducts that have corners can easily develop rust around the edges or corners that can eventually lead to leaks and heating or cooling system inefficiency.

  • Does air duct size matter?

    Definitely it does. The size of air ducts affect the efficiency of cool or warm air flowing through them. If it's too thick, air will flow slowly. The air may stay long in the ducts and condensation in the ducts can happen. On the other hand, if the ducts are too small, the relatively faster air flow can lead to static pressure and noise in the air vents. Specialists at Air Duct Cleaning Studio City can help determine the right size.

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