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HVAC Unit Cleaning

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Many homeowners have concerns about the air quality in their homes. Unfortunately, some of them fail to reach out to us immediately to arrange a professional inspection of their HVAC unit. In fact, some wait weeks or even months! This often results in the occupants of the home not only being susceptible to colds and flues but also in running the risk of developing allergies and even respiratory issues. For this very reason, our local team stresses the importance of regular scheduled maintenance and HVAC unit cleaning in order to maintain a healthy life.HVAC Unit Cleaning

A Safe Home Is a Happy Home

When our team will visit your home, they will bring industry-recognized products and equipment as well as a powerful vacuum system. Our experts will hook these onto your HVAC unit, leaving your air ducts and furnace debris and contaminant-free. After resealing the access hole and carrying out a cleaning inspection check, our team will ensure that you are happy with our services. Not only will your HVAC unit work at its full capacity without wasting extra energy, but you will also finally be breathing in fresh, clean air that will no longer be a hazard to your health. 

A Clean Home Is a Healthy Home

A dirty filter is a clear indication that your HVAC system is in need of immediate attention.  With the passing of time, even the most effective system’s vents can become clogged with dirt, dust, pet dander and pollen. As such, a contaminated filter is a serious threat to every home - it can spread these particles all around, damaging your furniture and hurting the health of your family. When this happens, you can rely on our team to inspect and clean your systems and replace all broken and clogged filters. These high-grade filters will prevent any dangerous pollutants from contaminating your living spaces again for a good amount of time.

Cost Advantages of HVAC Unit Cleaning

Opting for your HVAC system's cleaning is an action that can save you a lot of money in the long-run, if performed on a regular basis. A clogged system will have to input double the power to maintain a stable temperature indoors, which will sky-rocket your electricity bills. Maintaining your unit clean of any such harmful particles will not only ensure clean air but it will also help the HVAC system function more smoothly; your energy bills will thank you. Therefore, it's way more cost effective to invest in a simple routine clean-up.

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In addition to our first-class HVAC unit cleaning services, Air Duct Cleaning Studio City also offers inspection, maintenance, and repairs. Our aim is to ensure the comfort and safety of each member of our local community by providing solutions to your heating or cooling problems. To find out more about how our team can help you, don’t delay - contact us today!

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