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Insulation Services

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Many homeowners believe that there is very little risk in treating insulation upgrades as a DIY project. It is possible to buy all kinds of insulating fabrics from stores and find guides online for installing them yourself. The problem is, like many trade work, insulation installation can lead to dire consequences if executed incorrectly.Insulation Removal

When it comes to Insulation, Hire a Professional

It can be incredibly tempting to simply add layers of insulation material to the ones that you already have in place. You might think this will improve performance but in fact it can be a very costly practice in the long run.  As you pile layers on, the effectiveness of the older layers will reduce by as much as half. If you continue to add to them, in the long run it would cost you more to add the collection of layers than if you had just one efficient original layer to begin with. It's always better to hire an expert.

External Insulation

Some forms of external insulation can require permission from your local council or special forms of planning permission. It is rare, but installing methods that have been banned or fitting them incorrectly and against local regulations can result in penalization.

Professional Insulation Services

Air Duct Cleaning Studio City offers professional insulation installation as well as old insulation removal and repair. We are a professional ventilation company that also possess expansive insulation expertise and can help to ensure your insulation measures are perfectly fitted. Avoid harm to your property and your person by having our trained technicians do the work for you! Call today and let us know how we can help you!

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